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Vestopazzo Jewellery

Vestopazzo is an Italian artisan, hand crafted jewellery brand made out of sustainable and recyclable material. We are currently resellers of Vestopazzo in Malta.

Other Collectables by Contemporary Artists

David Debono

David is a figurative artist, living and working in Gozo, Malta. He began his artistic journey at a very young age, and eventually furthered his studies under the mentorship of World Class artists in Italy and the USA.


Clemens an Austria-born artist had been living in Malta since 1997. Clemens passed away last year, but his legacy remains in his unique art pieces.

Stephen Saliba

Stephen Saliba is intrigued by the same sentiment expressed by Joan Miro, to attain the maximum of intensity with the minimum of means.

Andrew Zarb

Although the coloured world intrigues Andrew, he much prefers the monochromatic version of each photo, and this tend to awaken in him more curiosity and emotion

Thomas Scerri

Thomas Scerri is a visual artist who lets the material dictate the form of the outcome thus letting the unconscious drive the work.

Edoardo La Francesca

Whilst in Malta Edoardo has worked on various restoration works of some of the great Masters, such as Mattia Preti, Luca Giordano, Anton Favray and Giuseppe Cali.

Audrey Mercieca

Audrey paints various subjects in different medias. She paints both in studio as well as plein-air. She has been exhibited for a number of years and her works hang in different countries.

Alison Agius

Alison is mostly known for nude drawing and her works have been exhibited and sold both in public and private spaces in Malta, as well as in Germany, Queensland, China, Maldives and Italy.

Daniela Arsovska

Daniela is in love with lifer and her large canvases show this by touching strongly on the emotions of those who view them. 

Gabriel Spiteri

Gabriel experiments with different mediums, but his major preference is oils. His ends results are most of the time realistic figures.

Amber Fenech

Amber has read for a Masters in Art Teaching at the University of Malta, and is currently furthering her studies in Barcelona.

Kevin Sciberras

In Kevin's paintings one can observe the obvious, but there are also some parts which are to be filled through the imagination of the viewer, which is a fantastic duo relationship between the artist and the acquirer.

Ylenia Schembri

Ylenia is still expanding and furthering her artistic journey which promises to be an amazing one!

Franco Navarro

Franco experiments with a variety of mediums and genres, such as caricatures, pen drawings, artistic print making and silver point drawing.

Rebecca Ranieri

Rebecca is mainly a figurative artists who works mainly on faces, since faces according to her are windows that overlook the interior dimension of the person, in their complexity and fragmentation.

Dave Calleja

David Calleja works mainly with three dimensional metal sculptures.

Feng Hongzhao

Through his art Hongzhao manages to easily master what he sees, and nothing in his paintings is accidental. He also manages to captive the audience through each detail through the mixture of only the basic colours.

Athina Alkini

Athina Alkini is a 17-year old emerging artist from Greece who has just been accepted into Athens School of Fine Arts in the department of History of Art.

Clint Scerri Harkins

His portfolio includes various genres in photography, such as fashion and food, but his main interest remain that of the human form, light and the nude. 

Carmen Grech

Carmen was always interested in art since a young age, she much later began her formal studies at school under the mentorship of Ms Doris Aquilina, Mr Joseph Casha, and later with the late Esprit Barthet.

International Artists

We work closely with different international artists, in order to bring an array of beautiful,  affordable and original artworks.
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